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Where Los Cabos is located?

Los Cabos gateway. Located in San Jose del Cabo International Airport
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Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. As a result, the entire region is called Los Cabos.

Furthermore, Los Cabos is situated where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, providing an idyllic setting for water-based activities.

The area is easily accessible via Los Cabos International Airport, which serves several major airlines. Additionally, visitors can reach Los Cabos by car or bus from other parts of the Baja California Peninsula.

Subsequently, from the perspective of the American state of California, staring towards the U.S.-Mexican border, Los Cabos marks the very end of the land mass.

Map of Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico

What country is Cabo in?

The country Cabo is in is Mexico, and it is officially known as the “United Mexican States” or, in Spanish, “Estados Unidos Mexicanos.”

Mexico is a federation built of 32 states. And therefore, the use of the word “United”.

What state is Cabo in?

The state Cabo is in is called Baja California Sur. Therefore Cabo, being part of Los Cabos is located in the Baja California Sur Mexican state.

Baja California Sur is the state Cabo is in.

The state acts as the most western point of Mexico together with its counterpart, the state of Baja California Norte. Both states border the Pacific Ocean from the west and the Gulf of California from the East.

Situated south of the U.S. state of California and stretching past the Mexican border, the distinctive peninsula is known as Baja California.

Two states North and South

The Baja California peninsula is divided into two states.

Consequently, the northern state, bordering the United States state of California, is called Baja California Norte, and the southern state is called Baja California Sur.

In Spanish, the words ‘Norte’ & ‘Sur’ means North & South in English, respectively.

Where is Los Cabos airport?

San Jose del Cabo Internation Airport

Los Cabos airport is located near the Los Cabos town of San José del Cabo. The airport is set around the 7-mile mark (11km) from San José del Cabo and to its north. Consequently, the call sign of this airport is SJD.

The airport is the Los Cabos International Airport and is the same as SJD. It is SJD.

Cabo San Lucas International Airport

Likewise, a second Los Cabos airport is set north of Cabo San Lucas. It is set around 4.5 miles north of Cabo San Lucas CBD, and therefore, its call sign is CSL.

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