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Cabo Kayaking Tours

Kayakers in front of the the Arch early morning at Cabo Bay
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Cabo Kayaking Tours: Discover Your Adventure

Embark on a journey through Cabo’s clear waters with Cabo kayaking tours. Discover hidden places as you paddle, snorkel, and cruise along scenic coastlines. Experience the thrill of kayaking an adventure Cabo offers with free cancellation options.

Kayakers with the Arch in the background
Cabo’s Arch – see the iconic arch from close proximity

Explore the Best Cabo Kayaking Tours

Each excursion is designed to showcase Cabo’s stunning natural beauty and offer a fun and exciting adventure for every participant. Choosing a glass-bottom kayak tour will allow you to view the lively marine life beneath the clear waters, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, the tours perfectly balance excitement and relaxation.


  • Explore secluded beaches
  • Encounter local wildlife, including the famed sea lions
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the Cabo arch

Kayak Expedition to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Lovers Beach & Snorkel
Kayak Expedition to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Lovers Beach & Snorkel 4.97 / 5 - Excellentfrom: $90.00 USD 2 hours 30 minutes Free cancellation

Relevant standard and common information:

  • Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours
  • Price: around $90 USD per person, tax included mark
  • Experience: Paddle around Cabo Bay’s Land’s End, snorkel in lively waters, and explore beautiful rock formations.

What to Expect on Your Cabo Kayak Adventure

Your kayaking adventure offers more than just a tour. It’s a gateway to the untamed beauty of Cabo’s marine environment. Anticipate a blend of serene paddles and heart-pumping excursions, with each stroke taking you closer to nature’s wonders.

Key Features:

  • Professional guides
  • High-quality kayaks and gear
  • Opportunity for snorkeling and swimming

Choosing the Right Cabo Kayaking Tour for You

Selecting a suitable kayak tour is important for ensuring an enjoyable experience. Consider factors like duration, difficulty, and the sights you wish to explore.

Los Cabos Sea Adventure, Snorkeling, Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle
Los Cabos Sea Adventure, Snorkeling, Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle 4.72 / 5 - Excellentfrom: $99.00 USD 3 hours Free cancellation

Whether you opt for a kayak tour that glides past the majestic Cabo Arch or a serene paddle along the coastline, operators offer options tailored to every adventurer’s desire.


  • Personal fitness level
  • Interest in wildlife or scenic views
  • Preference for group size: small group experiences available

Experience the Thrill: Kayaking in Cabo

Kayakers at Cabos's land end
Paddle along impressive sea cliffs

Embrace the adventure that awaits you in the sparkling waters of Cabo. Each stroke through the water promises an adrenaline rush and a chance to connect with the region’s stunning natural beauty. Experience the thrill of kayaking in one of the world’s most coveted destinations, where every turn offers something else.

The Excitement of Cabo Kayaking Experiences

Navigate the clear blue waters and experience Cabo’s spectacular landscapes firsthand. Kayaking experiences are designed to explore and thrill, blending adventure with scenic beauty.

From the iconic Cabo Arch to the secluded coves, each paddle brings a new wave of exhilaration.

Key Highlights:

  • Paddle alongside the impressive sea cliffs
  • Witness the lively marine life up close
  • Experience the rush of navigating Cabo’s pristine waters.

Kayak through Cabo: Tours and Adventures Await

Los Cabos Arch and Playa del Amor Tour by Glass Bottom Kayak
Los Cabos Arch and Playa del Amor Tour by Glass Bottom Kayak 4.86 / 5 - Excellentfrom: $95.00 USD 3 hours Free cancellation

Seeking a serene sunrise paddle or an action-packed trip around the coast, the kayaking tours cater to every adventurer’s spirit. Kayak through Cabo Bay and discover tours filled with enchantment, excitement, and memorable.

Adventure Options:

  • Sunset kayaking excursions
  • Eco-friendly wildlife tours
  • Guided historical tours along the coast

Cabo Kayak Rentals: Freedom to Explore

For those who prefer charting their course, Cabo kayak rentals offer the freedom to explore at your own pace. Choose from various kayaks, including single or tandem options, and set off on a personal adventure across the waters of Cabo Bay. With top-quality equipment and flexible rental times, your perfect kayaking experience is within reach.

Rental Benefits:

  • High-quality, stable kayaks for all skill levels
  • Complete freedom to explore Cabo’s coastal beauty
  • Recommendations on the best routes and hidden gems

Unforgettable Kayak Tours in Cabos

Kayaking at Cabo Bay at sunrise
Sunrise group kayaking tour at Cabo Bay

Kayak tours in Cabos offer more than just a trip. They promise a close-up experience that blends the thrill of adventure with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Memorable Moments: Kayak Tours in Cabos

The tours are crafted to offer a perfect mix of peaceful solitude and exciting exploration. Thus ensuring that every moment spent on the water is great. Dipping yourself in the beauty of Cabos, you will take home memories filled with adventure and wonder.

Unforgettable Experiences:

  • Witnessing the majestic sunrise or sunset from your kayak
  • Close encounters with the vibrant, lively marine life
  • Paddling through hidden caves and secluded coves

Cabos’ Top Kayak Tour Destinations

Discover the top destinations that make kayaking in Cabos a bucket-list adventure. Each location offers a unique experience, from the serene waters of Lover’s Beach to the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas Bay. The tours guide you to the most extraordinary places, where the wonders of nature leave you excited, impressed, and yet content.

Cabo San Lucas Glass Bottom Kayak Tour and Snorkel at Two Bays
Cabo San Lucas Glass Bottom Kayak Tour and Snorkel at Two Bays 4.97 / 5 - Excellentfrom: $100.00 USD 3 hours Free cancellation

Must-Visit Spots:

  • The iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas
  • The secluded Lover’s Beach
  • The mesmerizing Santa Maria Bay
  • The coves of Chilleno Bay

Why Kayak Tours in Cabos Stand Out

Kayak tours in Cabo and Los Cabos stand out for their unparalleled natural beauty, diverse marine ecosystems, and the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Cabos’ clear waters and beautiful backdrops provide an ideal setting for an extraordinary kayaking experience, whether for seasoned kayakers or those trying it for the first time.

Distinctive Features:

  • Pristine waters are perfect for kayaking
  • Rich biodiversity, including colorful fish and sea lions
  • Expert guides enhancing your kayaking adventure

Embark on a Paddle Adventure: Kayak Tour Insights

Kayakers near the Pacific Window
The Pacific Window – scenic, secluded point

Set off on a paddle adventure that promises to highlight your Cabo experience. The insightful kayak tours are designed to dip you fully in the stunning landscapes and unique marine environments that Cabo is famous for.

Paddling Paradise: Inside Cabo’s Kayak Tours

Offered kayak tours provide an intimate look at the area’s natural wonders, combining serene paddles with exciting discoveries. Each stroke offers a new view, a fresh experience, and a deeper connection with the marine world.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • Glide over transparent waters and observe the underwater world below.
  • Navigate around scenic points and secluded bays.
  • Experience the peaceful rhythm of paddling in harmony with nature.

Kayak and Snorkel tour at Pelican Rock
Kayak and Snorkel tour at Pelican Rock 5.00 / 5 - Excellentfrom: $99.00 USD 2 hours 30 minutes Free cancellation

The Joy of Kayaking: A Tourist’s Guide to Cabo

Kayaking in Cabo is more than an activity. It is a joyful exploration that captivates tourists’ hearts. The tour ensures that you savor every moment on the water, from the warm sun on your back to the cool spray of the sea.

What to Expect:

  • A friendly, beginner-friendly environment for first-timers.
  • Stunning coastal landscapes and chances to spot wildlife.
  • Recommendations for the best kayaking spots for all skill levels.

Expert Tips for Your Cabo Kayaking Journey

Maximize your kayaking adventure with expert tips that enhance your journey from start to finish. Seasoned guides share their knowledge, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience. From selecting the right tour to understanding the local weather patterns, these insights will prepare you for an exceptional paddling expedition in Cabo Bay and Los Cabos.

Tips for a Successful Trip:

  • How to choose the right kayak and gear for your comfort and safety.
  • Best practices for eco-friendly kayaking and respecting marine life.
  • Insider advice on the best times and locations for kayaking based on local conditions.

Explore the Waters of Los Cabos: A Kayaking and Snorkeling Adventure

Kayakers and sea lions in the background
Kayakers and sea lions in the background near the Arch

Los Cabos offers a unique blend of spectacular landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life, making it an ideal destination for kayaking and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Cabo kayaking tours promise an unforgettable experience, whether paddling through the serene waters near the Arch or exploring the vibrant underwater world of Cabo Pulmo. These tours can be combined with snorkeling tours.

The Arch & Lover’s Beach: A Fusion of Kayaking and Snorkeling

Kayak Tour with Snorkeling
Kayak Tour with Snorkeling 4.33 / 5 - V. Goodfrom: $180.00 USD 1 hour 45 minutes Free cancellation

Dip yourself in the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas with our exclusive half-day tour, designed for adventurers of all levels. Start your journey with a brief instructional session, then kayak towards the majestic Arch, navigating past playful sea lions to reach the secluded Lover’s Beach.

Here, you can snorkel near Neptune’s Finger, discovering the rich marine life that thrives where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

Standard information:

  • Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours
  • Price: $90 USD per person, tax included
  • Experience: Paddle around Land’s End, snorkel in vibrant waters, and explore stunning rock formations.

Discover the Serene Beauty of The 3 Bays

Kayakers go through narrow channel near Chileno Bay
Kayaking near Chileno Bay – kayak through narrow channels and coves

Embark on a kayak along the panoramic corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. After setting off from the shores of Twin Dolphin Beach, you’ll enter the calm waters of Santa Maria Bay, a perfect snorkeling spot teeming with marine life. Continue to Chileno Bay, where the white sandy beach and clear waters invite you to spend more time snorkeling or relaxing on the shore.

Standard information:

  • Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours
  • Price: $90 USD per person, tax included
  • Highlights: Kayak in two beautiful bays, enjoy excellent snorkeling, and relax on pristine beaches.

Kayak from Viudas Beach to Chileno Bay & Snorkel + Beach Time
Kayak from Viudas Beach to Chileno Bay & Snorkel + Beach Time 5.00 / 5 - Excellentfrom: $90.00 USD 3 hours Free cancellation

Full-Day Adventure to Cabo Pulmo: The Living Reef

Journey to the heart of the only natural living reef in Mexico, located in the national marine park of Cabo Pulmo. This full-day tour is an immersive experience, offering a rare opportunity to snorkel among a dazzling array of fish and coral species. This is followed by a delightful lunch in a local setting, reflecting the area’s rich ecological diversity

Standard information:

  • Duration: 8 – 9 hours
  • Price: USD 190 per person, tax included
  • Inclusions: Transport, guide, kayaking and snorkeling gear, lunch, and park fees.

The Estuary Experience: Kayaking at Sunset (Currently Unavailable)

While the kayaking tour in the San Jose del Cabo Estuary is temporarily unavailable, it’s noteworthy for its tranquil waters and the opportunity to observe a diverse bird population in a serene, natural setting.

The estuary offers a peaceful kayaking experience, ideal for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts looking to explore leisurely.

  • Update: The tour is currently unavailable, reflecting the dynamic nature of natural preserves.

Planning Your Kayaking Trip in San Lucas

Kayaker getting ready on Chileno Beach
Finishing kayaking group tour in Chileno Beach

Planning your kayaking trip in Cabo San Lucas Bay and Los Cabos is an exciting venture filled with the promise of adventure, exploration, and the serenity of nature’s untouched beauty.

Here’s how to maximize your experience, ensuring it’s tailored perfectly to your expectations and desires.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Perfect Kayaking Trip

A well-planned kayaking trip can transform a simple outing into an extraordinary adventure.

Follow the step-by-step super-short guide to ensure your seamless, enjoyable, and safe journey. From choosing the right tour to understanding what to pack, we cover all the essentials to help you prepare for your paddling adventure in the stunning waters of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos.

Planning Essentials (super-short guide):

  • Selecting the suitable kayak tour based on your skill level and interests.
  • What to pack: sunscreen, water, snacks, and appropriate clothing.
  • Safety tips and how to prepare for the local sea conditions.

Cabo San Lucas: A Kayaker’s Dream Destination

Kayak and Snorkel Discovery Tour in Los Cabos
Kayak and Snorkel Discovery Tour in Los Cabos 4.00 / 5 - V. Goodfrom: $109.00 USD 2 hours 30 minutes Free cancellation

Cabo San Lucas is a destination for many things and a kayaker’s dream. It offers crystal-clear waters, abundant marine life, and spectacular seascapes. Kayaking here, you’ll discover the unique blend of adventure and tranquility this exquisite locale provides. Whether you’re paddling through the Arch or along the stunning coastline, each moment is filled with awe and wonder.

Why Kayak Here:

  • The unique marine environments and rich biodiversity.
  • Iconic landmarks are accessible only by water.
  • Perfect weather conditions for year-round kayaking.

Essential Kayaking Tips for Your San Lucas Adventure

Make the most of your kayaking trip with essential tips that enhance your overall experience. From navigating the waters to preserving the environment, these insights will ensure your adventure is enjoyable, responsible, and respectful of San Lucas’s natural beauty.

Kayaking Wisdom:

  • Best times of day to embark on your kayaking adventure.
  • Understanding local wildlife: how to observe respectfully.
  • Eco-conscious kayaking practices to protect the marine ecosystem.

Selected Tours & Activities

Star review from 4 to 5 only & free cancellation

$595 USD


4.50 (4)

Free Cancellation

$95 USD


4.51 (69)

Free Cancellation

$129 USD


5.00 (64)

Free Cancellation

$75 USD


5.00 (9)

Free Cancellation

$125 USD


5.00 (1)

Free Cancellation

$93 USD


4.49 (206)

Free Cancellation

$106.23 USD


4.67 (6)

Free Cancellation

$66 USD


4.50 (16)

Free Cancellation

$110 USD


4.56 (25)

Free Cancellation

$110 USD


4.59 (364)

Free Cancellation

At Los Cabos

I used to live in Los Cabos for some time and worked here as a boat captain in one of Cabo San Lucas' leading tour companies. Back then, I came for 6 months but stayed for 18. I've done a bunch of things, and visited multiple hemispheres. I traveled and lived in other countries. And now I'm back here, At Los Cabos.

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