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Cabo Weather in March: Overview and Guide

Cabo San Lucas warm clear weather in March
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Cabo Weather in March

High temperatures and almost negligible rainfall characterize Cabo weather in March.

The average temperatures range from a high of 77°F (25°C) to a low of 67°F (19°C), with the day starting cool around 62°F and warming up to a pleasant 81°F by mid-afternoon.

Rainfall is minimal, averaging around 1.3 mm for the month, making it one of the drier periods.

Key Takeaways: Cabo Weather in March

  • Expect warm and dry conditions in March.
  • It is ideal for outdoor activities with consistent, pleasant weather.
  • Minimal rainfall enhances the enjoyment of outdoor and beach activities.

Weather Details


  • Daytime: 77°F (25°C) to 81°F (29°C).
  • Nighttime: Drops to around 67°F (19°C).
  • Record Temperatures: Rarely exceed 87°F (30.5°C).


  • Average: Approximately 1.3 mm.
  • Rain Pattern: Very dry, with scarce rain chances.


  • Daily Sunshine: Around 10 hours.
  • Cloud Cover: Limited, ensuring plenty of sunny days.

Water Temperature:

  • Average: Comfortable with swimming and water activities.
  • Comparison: Slightly cooler than summer months but still inviting.

— Holiday worldwide forecast

Activities and Tips

Lover's Beach at Cabo San Lucas Bay
Lover’s Beach at Cabo San Lucas Bay – Playground

Things to Do in Cabo in March:

  1. Lover’s Beach Adventure: Enjoy a tranquil swim in the calm waters of Lover’s Beach (Playa del Amor). This beach is renowned for its serene environment, perfect for a relaxing day by the Sea of Cortez. Alternatively, you can engage in more adventurous activities like kayaking around the beach and The Arch, including snorkeling and exploring the nearby sea lion colony.
  2. Sunset Serenity: Cap off your day with a stunning sunset view. Beachfront bars in Cabo offer the perfect ambiance to enjoy a cocktail with your feet in the sand as the sun dips below the horizon. Omega Sports Bar and Mango On The Beach are famous for this delightful experience.
  3. Luxury Catamaran Experience: Consider booking a catamaran trip for those seeking luxury. This excursion includes whale watching, snacks, alcohol, and pick-up and drop-off services. It’s a splendid way to experience the marine beauty of Cabo from a different perspective.
  4. Culinary Delights: Indulge in the rich culinary scene of Cabo. Whether savoring seafood tacos at local joints or exploring international cuisines at Italian restaurants, Cabo’s diverse dining options cater to all tastes.
  5. Join a Booze and Food Tour: Embrace the local flavors with a food and booze tour. This experience is an excellent way to sample various local dishes and drinks, including the famous Mexican tequila (e.g., Tequila Tasting. See the link in the previous clause).

What to Pack:

  • Daywear: Lightweight clothing, ideally breathable fabrics to stay comfortable under the March sun.
  • Beach Essentials: Swimsuits, sunscreen, and sunglasses are necessary for beach days and water activities.
  • Evening Attire: A light jacket or sweater is advisable as temperatures can dip slightly in the evenings.
  • Hiking Gear: Comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and a water bottle for outdoor excursions like hiking.

Planning Ahead

Cabo's diverse accommodation options
Cabo offers diverse accommodation options

Accommodation and Activity Reservations:

  • March is a popular month in Cabo, so early booking of hotels and tours is recommended to ensure the best experience.


  • Explore various transportation options for arriving in and navigating around Cabo San Lucas, including rental cars for flexibility and local buses for an authentic experience.

Special Considerations:

  • Check for local events or festivals in March.
  • Stay hydrated and protected from the sun due to high UV levels.
Sunset over Cabo and Los Cabos
Not only in March. Typical sunset over Cabo and Los Cabos

March in Cabo San Lucas is a delightful time with warm weather and minimal rainfall, perfect for various activities from whale watching to hiking. The pleasant climate makes it an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful setting.


What’s the average temperature in Cabo in March?

Daytime highs are around 77°F to 81°F, and nighttime lows are around 67°F.

Is there much rain in Cabo during March?

Very minimal, with an average of only 1.3 mm of rainfall.

Can I swim in the ocean in Cabo in March?

Yes, the ocean temperatures are comfortable for swimming.

What are some popular activities in Cabo in March?

Whale watching, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, and hiking are great options.

What should I pack for a trip to Cabo in March?

Light clothing, swimwear, sun protection, and a light evening jacket.

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Use these Proven Travel Planner templates to plan, organise and find suitable accommodation, transportation, tours, and activities, Digitally or Printed.