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Can you swim in Los Cabos?

Red flag. Dangerous to swim conditions in Los Cabos
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Can you swim in the ocean in Los Cabos?

Yes, you can swim in the ocean in Los Cabos. It is possible, however, to swim in Los Cabos you need to know where to go.

The region boasts an abundance of breathtaking beaches, each offering its unique charms and experiences. Those seeking serene waters safe for swimming and snorkeling will find solace in the protected bays and coves that dot the coastline.

Safely swim in Los Cabos at the right spots

When it comes to travel the beach in Cabo, is known for its beautiful coastline. This region boasts several ‘blue flag beaches‘, a prestigious designation given to the cleanest and safest beaches worldwide.

These beaches provide crystal-clear water that is not only visually captivating but also perfect for various water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding.

Among these, the best beaches combine the allure of pristine water with the stunning scenery of the Sea of Cortez and the desert landscape.

Overall, choosing to visit these best blue flag beaches promises an extraordinary travel experience filled with beauty and relaxation.

Blue flag beaches include Viudas Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Palmilla Beach, and Acapulquito Beach.

Among the most notable and swimmable beaches is the pristine Medano Beach, nestled in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Here at Cabo, gentle waves lap against soft golden sands.

Nearby and across from Medano Beach is the iconic Lover’s Beach. Lovers Beach, with its secluded beauty, is framed by the towering natural wonder of Lands End and El Arco.

Why can’t you swim in Cabo?

You can’t swim in Cabo and Los Cabos’ many beaches due to the forceful waves and underwater currents.

Beaches in Cabo are not swimmable due to the exposed location to the open sea. The Cabo area, Lands End, is the meeting point between the two bodies of water. Here at the southernmost point of North America, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean mix.

Why is the Cabo ocean dangerous?

The Cabo ocean is dangerous due to strong waves originating in the Pacific Ocean. Waves gather enough power and momentum to be deadly. The force they collect on the way is hitting the Cabo coastline at full strength. This isn’t the kind of ocean you swim in Los Cabos while visiting here.

Once the wave is reaching the coastline it expresses itself in currents and high water “walls”.
In a nutshell, the closer a wave gets to the coastline, the less depth there is. Yet, the energy stored within the wave needs to express itself. The wave from the movement forward and the momentum, the energy present in it, has nowhere to go. It then expresses itself in height.

The wave slows down, causing the energy to be expressed and demonstrated in height.

A testimonial for the force seen at Cabo’s most famous landmark, the Arch. The Arch was carved over time due to the Pacific Ocean’s waves hitting the granite rock again and again. The result is that “hole in the wall”.

Swimming in Cabo

The Tourist Corridor offers a plethora of options for beachgoers to swim in Los Cabos.

Two of the most attractive options are Playa Acapulquito closer to San Jose del Cabo and further towards Cabo San Lucas, Chileno Beach.

These beaches are renowned for their tranquil waters, making for a perfect spot to take a refreshing swim.

Yellow flag on the beach in Los Cabos. Safe to swim.
Yellow and Green flags indicate “Safe sea conditions”.

To ensure safety, beachgoers wanting to swim in Los Cabos should keep an eye out for the green flags.

Green flags indicate that the waters are safe to swim in. However, it is crucial to take note of any warning flags.

Warning flags denotes by black or red colors, indicating the presence of hazardous swimming conditions.

By paying attention to these signals, beachgoers can ensure a safe and enjoyable day at the beach.

Swimming flags

In Mexico, the sea conditions are marked in color.

Walking on the beach you will see one of the following colors: green, yellow, red, or black.

Green and yellow flags indicate safe swimming conditions.

The red flag indicated dangerous sea conditions and recommends not entering while the black flag suggests extremely dangerous conditions.


At Los Cabos

At Los Cabos

I used to live in Los Cabos for some time and worked here as a boat captain in one of Cabo San Lucas' leading tour companies. Back then, I came for 6 months but stayed for 18. I've done a bunch of things, and visited multiple hemispheres. I traveled and lived in other countries. And now I'm back here, At Los Cabos.
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