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Balandra Beach

Balandra Beach
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Balandra Beach: Need to Know

Balandra Beach is a picturesque, swimmable beach located near La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, unique rock formations, and abundant wildlife, it’s no wonder Balandra Beach has become a must-visit destination in Los Cabos.

Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or just looking for a relaxing day on the beach, Balandra Beach has something for everyone.

Beach Restrictions

As a protected area, Balandra Beach has some restrictions to preserve the ecosystem. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets, use drones, or bring any kind of disposable plastic products.

The beach is also alcohol-free. These restrictions ensure that Balandra Beach remains a safe and clean environment for all visitors.

Booking in Advance to Visit Balandra Beach

You do not necessarily book. You purchase a permit to visit the nature reserve.

Being a natural reserve, this is a way to control the number of people visiting at a given time.

Buying a permit. How to enter Balandra Beach?

As mentioned, to enter Balandra Bay you need to buy a permit.

The site is part of the Balndra or Isla Espiritu Santo National Park. At the time of writing these words, the national park fee is $160.00 MXN ($8 US) per person.

The permit is a bracelet. You can pick a bracelet on the way to the bay at Cortez Club or SeaSide Ofiice. To buy online, go to the Visit Balandra Beach website. Once on their website, look for the Buying a Permit section or button.

Note that purchasing a permit doesn’t guarantee you automatic entry into the bay. The national park is restricted to 450 people at a time.

Opening Hours

Balandra Beach is open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

During the high season, from December to April, it may be crowded during the weekends, so it’s better to visit during weekdays.

Balandra Beach Closed (Closure)

Although rare, the Beach may be closed during hurricane season, from June to November.

It’s important to check weather conditions before planning a visit.

Two months closure

In November 2022 the beach was closed due to an accident. A private yacht caught fire and sank.

The impact on the environment was devastating when oil, fuel, and debris polluted the surroundings.

In October, towards the end of the month, the beach reopened to the public.

Attractions to Enjoy at Balandra Beach

The beach is a natural wonder that offers a wide range of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

While the pristine waters and white sand beaches are the main draws, there are plenty of other reasons to visit. Here are some of the top attractions you can enjoy at Balandra Beach.

Beach activities (swimming, snorkeling, kayaking)

Balandra Beach is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in all of Mexico. With crystal-clear waters and soft white sand, it’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

But if you’re looking for more active pursuits, there are plenty of options.

Swimming in the calm and warm waters of the bay is a must-do activity for all visitors. Snorkeling is an excellent way to explore the underwater world the bay offers.

Rich Snorkeling Site

Balandra Beach offers some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the area.

Visitors can see colorful fish, sea turtles, and even dolphins. The beach has a marked snorkeling route to ensure the safety of visitors.


Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a first-timer, you’ll find the calm waters of Balandra Beach to be a perfect activity.

Kayaking is a popular activity at Balandra Beach. You can rent a kayak on-site and paddle around the bay to explore its many coves and rock formations.

Nature trails and scenic hikes

If you’re interested in hiking, there’s a trail nearby that offers stunning views of the surrounding desert and sea.

The trail is about 1.5 km long and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring water.

There are plenty of nature trails and scenic hikes in the area.

The La Paz mountains offer some of the best hiking trails in Mexico, with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The trails vary in difficulty, so there’s something for everyone, from beginners to experienced hikers.

Rock formations (Mushroom Rock, Hongo de Balandra)

One of the unique features is the series of rock formations that dot the landscape.

The most famous of these is the Mushroom Rock, a large rock that resembles a mushroom cap.

Another notable formation is the Hongo de Balandra, which looks like a giant mushroom with a hole in the center. These rock formations are a must-see for anyone visiting.

Wildlife (fish, turtles, birds)

The waters around are teeming with marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and even dolphins. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale or two during the winter months.

The birdlife is also plentiful, with numerous species of seabirds calling the beach home. Keep an eye out for pelicans, seagulls, and frigate birds soaring overhead.

Balandra Beach is a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore the natural wonders of the area, or spot some amazing wildlife, this is the perfect place to do it.

Balandra Beach Directions

How to Get to there from La Paz

From La Paz, visitors can get to the beach by driving a car or taking a taxi. It’s about a 30-minute drive from the city center.

If you’re taking a taxi, make sure to agree on the price beforehand.

It’s also possible to take a public bus from La Paz to Pichilingue and then walk to Balandra Beach.

If you’re driving, take Highway 11 towards Pichilingue and turn right on the sign that says “Playa Balandra.” Follow the road until you reach the parking area. From there, it’s a short walk to the beach.

Booking, yet again

Although it’s not necessary to book in advance to visit Balandra Beach, it’s recommended during the high season to ensure you get a spot.

Visitors can book through authorized tour operators or directly at the beach entrance.

The area is a stunning and swimmable beach that offers visitors the chance to experience the beauty of Baja California.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the white sand beaches, explore the underwater world, or hike through the surrounding hills, Balandra Beach is a must-visit destination in Los Cabos.

Just be sure to follow the rules and respect the natural beauty of this incredible destination.

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