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The Shoppes at Palmilla

The Shoppes at Palmilla panoramic view
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The Shoppes at Palmilla: Luxury Retail Experience

The Shoppes at Palmilla, welcoming sign
Hub’s car park and entrance.

The Shoppes at Palmilla is a center and hub for luxury shopping, featuring an array of high-end stores.

Customers can find exquisite jewelry, elegant antiques, stylish furniture, and fine arts and crafts.

The presence of renowned brands like Piaget, Harry Winston, Pineda Covalin, Chopard, Tommy Bahama, and Emilia Castillo caters to a clientele looking for exclusive and high-quality products.

Dining and Entertainment Options

A casual coffee shop at Palmilla Shops
Casual coffee shop at Palmilla hub

Beyond shopping, the center offers diverse dining options, including three restaurants, a coffee shop, and a bakery. These establishments provide a variety of culinary experiences, from casual coffee breaks to fine dining.

These eateries’ local and international cuisine blend caters to residents and international tourists. Additionally, the center’s role as a venue for entertainment and community events adds to its appeal as a lifestyle destination. The center is a lively place to visit for a meal or a half-day out and about.

Facilities and Services for Business and Leisure

The Shoppes at Palmilla has facilities and services catering to business and leisure needs. With high-speed wireless internet access available, especially in terrace areas and offices, it is convenient for visitors who might need to stay connected for work or personal reasons.

The center also offers executive offices for rent. Those include conference rooms and secretarial services, making it an ideal spot for business meetings or temporary office space.

Another touch is the panoramic views of the Palmilla Golf Course and the Sea of Cortez from these offices. The view adds an element of luxury to the work environment.

Accessibility and Convenient Location

Situated on the Transpeninsular Highway at the Palmilla Resort offramp, The Shoppes at Palmilla is easily accessible.

The center’s location is strategic, providing convenience for visitors traveling by car and ample parking for vehicles and golf carts.

This accessibility makes it a convenient stop for tourists exploring the area and locals doing their daily activities.

Community hub

As a community hub, The Shoppes at Palmilla plays a significant role in the local community by hosting various events. These events contribute to its reputation as a community hub. Here, people can gather for more than just shopping and dining.

The hub also serves as a place for social interaction, cultural events, and community engagement. Further enhancing its status as a prominent destination in Los Cabos.

The Friday Market at The Shoppes at Palmilla

Friday Market at The Shoppes at Palmilla
Friday Market at The Shoppes at Palmilla

The Friday Market at The Shoppes at Palmilla in Los Cabos is a rich and unique experience that combines the freshness of organic products with the charm of a traditional Mexican Mercado (Mercado = market).

This market has been managed and run by Patty Soto for over a decade and operates every Friday from the first Friday of November until the last Friday of April between 9 AM and 1 PM.

Locally-sourced produce

Local fresh produce at Palmilla shoppes market
High quality and freshness. Local fresh produce at Palmilla shoppes Friday market – there are many stalls here

At this market, visitors can indulge in fresh, locally sourced produce, often picked the same morning, ensuring high quality and freshness. It’s an ideal place for those who appreciate the value of organic foods, which are grown or produced without genetically modified ingredients, synthetic pesticides, or chemical additives.

Palmilla market food stall variety
Palmilla market food stall variety. Catering to various dietary needs, including gluten-free options.

The market also features a baker specializing in sourdough bread with different flavor profiles, catering to various dietary needs, including gluten-free options.

For those with a sweet tooth, a stand offers a selection of organic honey boasting diverse styles. You will also find prepared food like lasagna, curry dishes, and Eastern European-style Perogies available, offering convenient and delicious meal options for visitors to take home.

The culinary delights also extend to street food, with stands serving some of the best quesadillas and fresh seasonal juices, including freshly squeezed orange juice. Dessert lovers can indulge in exceptional fruit tarts, with pear or lemon flavors highly recommended.

A selection of arts and crafts

The Blue Lilly Clothing Collection market sign
The Blue Lilly Clothing Collection market stall sign

The Friday Market is more than just a place to shop for food; it also features a selection of arts and crafts, adding to the authentic Mexican Mercado atmosphere.

Mexican Art and Culture stall at Palmilla Market
Mexican Art and Culture

The market supports the local community, with stands from the local Humane Society, organizations offering scholarships, and even a food bank foundation, Inspire Mexico. The organizations presented in the market have changed over time. You can always expect one or the other to be present.

Jewellery and wood work stall at the market
Hand-made jewelry and woodwork market stalls
Art work stall
Artwork stall at the market

The Shoppes at Palmilla in Los Cabos is a destination that blends upscale shopping with various dining experiences, offering both luxury and convenience.

It is a fun-visit destination for those in Cabo during its operating season, offering a unique blend of fresh organic produce, artisan foods, crafts, community spirit, and a taste of local culture.

Its business amenities, coupled with the ease of access, make it an ideal spot for both leisure and professional activities.

The center plays an active role in the local community, hosting events that enhance its connection with the residents and visitors, all while being set in the panoramic landscape of Los Cabos. This combination of features makes “The Shoppes at Palmilla” a unique and attractive location for diverse visitors.

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